Sunday, 26 March 2017

Measurement and Geometry Literacy with 3D Printing . First Assessment

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  1. Hi Jackson
    I am fascinated by the Inquiry you have undertaken and the data gathering process you have outlined. Did the learners have a Google Form for their responses? I wonder if Doctopus would have been useful asa responder for them. It is very cool the way you were able to add behavioural observations to the written responses (like the kid who called out the answer but didn't write it down!).
    I do agree with what you reflect about the important place our graphics apps play in supporting Maths. As the teacher who introduced Hyperstudio to PES I made sure that children got to make lots of mathematical connections as they manipulated objects to create graphic art and animations. Nearly all the questions in your test could be explicitly scaffolded using graphics programmes such as Hyperstudio - including the rulers!