Saturday, 30 June 2018

Term 2 Week 10 Inquiry

A child discovered the 'Character 'option while tinkering, this discovery has been very valuable in teaching the x y z axis, Vertical and Horizontal, raising and lowering  and orientation using a familiar character: a robot  

Friday, 25 May 2018



As predicted I have not been able to see my focus group as regularly as would be optimal, however they and all 3D printing groups have enjoyed experimenting using Tinkercad software without having printed any objects.

This confirmed my prediction that focussing on the digital tool before printing with the hardware gives students more scope to explore the creative design tools rather than aim to print  any physical object as soon as possible.

I have introduced the Pasifika mat idea to the students in the group and they are enthusiastic. I cannot group them by their DMIC groups due to timetabling, so am unable to have a  control group.

Following a suggestion from a colleague, rather than use PAT or e-asTTle scores I made a short test  that specifically asked multi-choice questions about the geometric language and measurement we are using.

The above data shows the lack of fluency in terms such as vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Not one student labelled  a vertical line, most preferring the literal,  but not mathematical term 'up and down' which highlights that this test can only judge the correct mathematical terminology; students know what they are looking at but lack the correct vocabulary. 

Students had a 50% strike rate in labelling clockwise and anti-clockwise and found  the concept of degrees in objects particularly difficult. Half the students correctly picked the number of degrees in a right angle, however only four chose the correct number of degrees isn a circle and  only one  chose the correct number of degrees in a triangle. This may indicate they have retained more geometric knowledge in measuring squares and rectangles.

This data is very helpful for my enquiry in regards to the lack of knowledge about degrees, especially in triangles- our focus shape. I had not predicted that the students would score so low, so it gives me pause to think about effective ways of teaching the properties of triangles.